Weekly Trivia for teams in the league will be Thursday at 7pm!

If your team wishes to continue playing ONLINE in the Let’s Go Trivia Spring League, you can do so every Thursday at 7pm.

Regardless of what night your usual trivia was on, you can now play ONLY on Thursday night ONLINE.

Here’s how to participate;

  1. Each team must make ONE purchase (per team) for a minimum $25 from their usual respective trivia restaurant/bar/brewery. If your usual trivia restaurant/bar/brewery is closed, that ok, you can still play. If your usual trivia restaurant/bar/brewery is still open for pick up or delivery, then a purchase is required.
  2. Direct Message (DM) a copy of your receipt of purchase to Let’s Go Trivia on INSTAGRAM BEFORE 6.50pm on Thursday. We will not be accepting receipts after 6.50pm, because we have to start the trivia at 7pm. Please, please help us out, and DM the receipt in plenty of time. You can purchase your food item for your team any day leading up to Trivia night. It DOES NOT have to only be on Thursday!
  3. Once we receive the receipt, we will give you the ID for ZOOM, and the code to play trivia.

Team members do not have to be in the same physical location to play together! All you need is the code to play, and be sure you choose YOUR team when signing in.

Teams points are AVERAGED for each question, so having more players does not give a team an advantage. For example; if TEN points are awarded for a correct answer, and you have four team members…if 2 get it right, and 2 get it wrong, your team only receives FIVE points. 

There will be “visual” questions, so we encourage you to join in playing on ZOOM. You do not need a zoom account, you only need the Zoom ID to play.

Remember; THURSDAYS AT 7PM!!

Thanks as always for your support!